Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Some Valentine Crafts

This weekend is the big antique show at D.C. Everest - Geenheck Fieldhouse.  I'm not setting up, but I am having sales in my booth at Grand Repeats.  

So, I always look for craft supplies at all the thrift type shops. I recently bought some items that I made these Valentine projects with.

I found most of these items at Nice as New and St. Vinny's.  I found two large bags of misc. scrapbook supplies for $4.99 each.  Cute stuff in each!

I found these little heart shaped molds for only .20 cents each.  I then added the scrapbook items I found.  I'm going to mark them $2 each.

Just a sample of the ones I made.  I was going to stain them and make them more aged, but I decided not to.  I might make some prim ones too.

I found these little jars at St. Vinny's.  They were already painted white in the inside with red lids.  They were only .40 cents each.  I then added some burlap and felt letters and hearts.  I can't craft unless I use buttons somewhere. :)  I'm going to mark these $3.  They are ready to be filled with some candy for your Valentine.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

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