Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Weight Watcher's 29 Point Day

I've been on Weight Watcher's for about 18 weeks.   My weight loss has been slow - but, steady.  I thought I would show you what a 29 point day looks like.


Cottage cheese, toast with honey, cut up fruit:  orange, mellon and pineapple.  4 pts.

Mid-morning Snack:

Cut up veggies with hummus and ranch dressing.  2 pts.


Mixed greens, 1/16 C slivered almonds, 3 oz. smoked salmon (my husband made in our smoker- YUM) with light honey garlic dressing (my daughter made - YUM).  Crystal Light drink - 7 pts.

Mid-afternoon Snack:  (I packed this with me to Mom's)

String cheese and an apple - 1 pt.


Thrifty Bean Soup - from yesterday's post:  http://dickybirdsnest.blogspot.com/2013/02/thrifty-ham-soup.html  Monday is my day by Mom - so I put it in the blender - she needs to eat pureed food.  It was really creamy and good this way too.  1 C soup, 6 saltines and 1 C 1% milk -  10 pts.

Snack:  Popcorn (air pop) - 3 C  is 2 pts.

That was my Monday.  I try to have a protein, carb and fruit or veggie at each meal.  I try to have 0 or 1 pt. snacks during the day.  I usually "fall apart" after supper - so, I need to keep some points for a "treat."   Good luck.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

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