Monday, March 18, 2013

Motivation Monday - Our Responsibility to Love

I found this quote (thanks Sam D.) as a tweet from one of our daughter's high school classmates - he is now in bible college.   

***"It is God's responsibility to judge, it is the Spirit's responsibility to convict and it is our responsibility to love."***

Well, if that doesn't sum it all up. 

Am I showing love?  Wait...let me narrow that I show love to those who really need it?"

My brother had a great quote too:  "if we don't love people, we don't love God...unloving shows our attitude toward God."  This is so true. 

Sometimes, Christians - and it is unfortunate - will be quoted or represented by an attitude toward sin.  Sin is a part of our human nature - we all have sinned.  What is sad is, that some can't separate the sin from the sinner. 

I don't want to stand in front of Jesus one day and have him say..."you did not show My love."  We are to be the light in the that those who are searching can see something different in us. 

When people "spout" off their opinion on - you pick one - I don't need to name them - (fill in the blank:  sin, religion, political views, racial views, lifestyle choice...) remember, we, as Christians need to show them love too.  Ignorance, in my opinion, is a sin when it stops us from showing His love.

I actually have thought of Sam's tweet numerous times - it has made me keep my spirit in check.  I don't need to understand this person....I just need to show them Love. 

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.


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