Friday, August 19, 2016

Esther Anin - African Widow Story

This is the sad story of Esther Anin also known as (Atta Adwoa) this young lady married at the age of nineteen years (19years) to a young man from the same village; they started their marriage life very well with farming as their main source of income. They were leaving happily together until the lady had their second daughter and she was striked by a high fever and during that period she was speaking and pronouncing so many things unconsciously and so the community branded or tag her as a witch, this was also believed by her husband and therefore he divorce her, the husband later died and everybody decided not to take a witch and her two children to their homes, this woman has faced a hard time with her two daughters in life, what she does for a leaving is serving as a porter helping other people to carry their belongings for a fee, so that she can get something small for herself and her children. The work of carrying much load on her head is affecting her health and three days ago when I went to the Krapa widows for a meeting they told me about this girl and when I went there I saw everything with my own eyes, I asked her what kind of help she would like to have and she said, she would be glad if she can enter into the farming business as she used to do with her husband but there is no financial help from anywhere to hire people for clearing the bushes, buying crops for planting, buying other farm inputs though she has her own family land which she can use for the farming but I think before  helping her with the farming, we must help her to get food, clothing, bedings  and other minor essential commodities because the condition of this woman and her children is so bad. I am pleading on “I AM WORLD MISSION” and the good people of the United States to come to the aid of this poor woman and her two children. We would be happy if our pleading is considered.
Thank you

The above letter comes from Pastor Benjamin Kwaku Adusei.  He is in Africa working with a widow's ministry.  These are the women that "we" helped buy goats for:

Her story really convicted me.  We have so much to be thankful for!  Even our poorest in America are rich.  These widows are left in very bad situations - desperate to care for themselves and their children.  So many other cultures are bound by superstitions - Esther had a high fever, talking "out of her head" so they deemed her a sad!   

Here is a woman, thousands of miles away from my little farm...wanting to this touched me!  May God bless her now and the ministry of Roy Wanta - a farmer from Rosholt (Shanty Town), Wisconsin.  

Who says one person can't make a difference.  I will say it again...kindness matters!  Please pray for this ministry!  If you feel so inclined - I can give you the contact information for Roy Wanta.  He is going to Africa this fall.  He is always in need of something.  I will be giving him the eyeglasses we collected from my "It's all Green - Vintage Pop Up Sale."  

She looks so happy now!  Below is the email from Roy:

Our great providing God, keeps us busy, this is a good beginning for this family, and as I said Mary on the right also giving the new widow a big hug . Well I guess we will keep on the road trying to keep funding our widows in Africa. Keep praying our God keeps opening new doors, so this is what an old farmer from Shanty Town does with his spare time, I just don’t have time to sit on the porch in my  retirement rocking chair, the e mails don’t slow down and neither do the phone calls. I will get these widows one at a time , one at a time as the Lord provides, when I keep a widow alive I have kept orphans off the street because momma is fighting to keep her kids alive. Prayer is the only thing that keeps us going; We thank God for what you have provided for the widows in Nigeria and the widows in Ghana, the goats are still doing good and producing new members.
Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  
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