Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Gift of 5 Goats

We have a member in our church, Roy, who was instrumental in developing and building a non-profit organization that helps widows, women and children in Africa.  This organization was a grass roots venture in humanitarian aide that began in our rural area as a vision or ministry that was shared by others.  This is a multi denominational group.  They have been serving African families for something like 20 plus years.  

The objective of this organization is not to give hand outs, rather create jobs for these women so they can sustain themselves.  They have been very successful in doing so.   

Roy was getting ready for a trip to Africa and it had me thinking,  what could I/we do to help.  I knew that this organization bought rabbits for these women to raise and sell for meat, so I knew that herdsmanship was a possibility. 

Goats, goats came to mind.  I wanted to share something, my rural passion with these women.  I wasn't the only one as other ladies in our church agreed.  Most of us have raised a goat or 2.  Goats are such easy keepers and almost self-sufficient.  Chevon - goat meat - is the most consumed protein world wide.  So, we decided to take up a donation to buy some.

I am happy to report that we were able to help them purchase 5 goats.  These 5 goats have so many possibilities for these women; milking, cheese making, stud service, crafting from their hair or skins and food.  A circle of sustainability, a gift from our rural women to them.  God is good!

Here are the pictures Roy shared with us as they purchase the goats from the market.  

It doesn't matter what continent you are on....goats are goats...and hard to load in a van.  Trust me I've tried it too!

At their new home ...

I've been praying that these goats are able to survive (no predators get them) and that they are productive.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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