Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March is National Craft Month

Over the past 25 or so years, I've been asked these questions.  Are you a crafter or artist?  Do you do craft shows or art shows?  I use to feel like lessor of an artist when I said "I'm a crafter."  

This insecurity and need to define myself came out of an experience I had selling at a gallery.  The other artists saw my work and me as a "crafter."  In their world...they feel the need to distinguish the difference.  Most of them had degrees in some kind of art, so I can see their desire to point out the difference in us, I guess.  The gallery owner didn't do fact, she has defended me and my style all the way back to our high school art classes.  We had an art teacher, who believe it or not...laughed at a painting I was doing....laughed at my trees.  Oh did this ruffle my friend's feathers...she challenged the teacher and other students chimed in.  The teacher apologized to me.  My friend, Chris, is now an art teacher.  

So thinking about March as National Craft Month.  I decided to look up the actual definitions of each word.  

Crafter:  An activity that involves making something in a skillful way by using your hands.  A job or activity that requires special skill.  A person whose occupation requires skill with the hands.  

Artist:  A person who creates art; a person who is skilled at drawing or painting.  A skilled performer.  A person who is very good at something.  A person with a high level of knowledge or skill in a field.

Hmmm...I guess I would say, I'm an artistic crafter.   Here are a few pictures of things I create.

I'll end with LOVE as I sure do love to create things with my hands.   

Whatever it is you enjoy creating...get busy and do some crafting in March.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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