Thursday, March 24, 2016

HELP WANTED Blogging Friends

I was asked to teach a class for a fund raiser the HCE (Home & Community Education) group that is a part of the UW Extension System.  If you live near by, here is the link, you still have time to sign up:

My class is called:  "Is it Trash or Treasure, What to Keep, What to Sell and What to Donate."  

In addition to providing personal property appraisals (I have a certificate from Continental School of Auctioneering) I am going to give some tips on estate cleaning.  I often times hear, "what do I do with all of this stuff mom/dad left me with?"  Many of us don't want to leave a "mess" for our kids so this class is designed to give some direction.  

So here is my HELP WANTED from you, my followers.  Would you take a moment to answer these 3 questions?

1.  What do you collect?
2.  What is something you just can't throw away?
3.  Where do you donate your unwanted items?

Thank you friends.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  


Amy at love made my home said...

1. I try hard not to collect anything. I have a total fear based on family history of hoarding things and leaving some other poor soul to clear out all of my stuff if I am no longer here. However, I do gather things of all kinds, but I clear out regularly too!

2. Special - and only special - photos, original artwork and paintings, my car (it is very old now!), my husband, jewellery, otherwise most things could be up for consideration.

3. I donate things to the local charity shop. Just take the bags in and leave them to get on with it! If I no longer want it I just want rid of it and am not interested in trying to sell my old things, I would rather that a charity benefits. Real rubbish or things so totally worn out so to be no use to anyone else go in the bin.

Hope that helps you! xx

TheCrankyCrow said...

Sounds like an interesting class! More and more the thought of our only son having to "deal" with my "stash" concerns me, and I know I need to "reduce" and soon. As for your questions...well (1) Oh'd be easier to ask what I DON'T collect.... Anything that catches my fancy, and then I decide that if one is great, 1 x 25 more is better yet. Of the top of my head: old chocolate molds, old German candy containers; vintage Halloween (especially noisemakers and papier mache jack-o-lanterns; old toy tops; old leather books (or old books of any kind that strike my fancy); candle molds; early lighting; pounce pots/sanders; flax hatchels and combs; old pinkeeps; old children's shoes; old samplers; old gameboards; old quilts; old baskets.... get the idea LOL? (2) Two things I just can't throw away are things that people have gifted me (even if THEY don't remember they gifted it to me) and things I think I might be able to repurpose (old bits of ribbon or lace, string, etc.) (3) When it's time to "let go," I sell what is "sell-able" online.... If it's time to donate, I start with my "inner circle" - if it's something I think some of my friends/family would want or could use, I ask them first....Then Bethesda is usually my charity of choice, although I have also done Goodwill, etc. Hope that helps!! Good luck with your research and the class! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Justine said...

1. Jadeite dishes
2. "things" I plan to craft/scrapbook with
3. Goodwill, clothes consignment, or Saint Vincent's.