Monday, March 21, 2016

My Post Was Read on Air

I wrote a blog post on Tolerance you can read it here:

The "local" radio host I was speaking of was Jerry Bader.  He hosts a talk show out of Green Bay that is broadcast statewide.  I was so moved by his story that I wrote that post.

I was disappointed in some of the reaction he received so I decided to send him an email with a link to that post.  I did this to encourage him - for that reason and no other.  I about fell over Friday morning when I heard him say he wanted to share a blog post from a listener. 

He started:  "and this is from Dicky Bird's Nest"...I ran over, turned the radio phone was Al from work..."are you listening?"  I was in shock - he read the whole post and gave comments as he read.  He sent me a complimentary email too.  Link here:
Click on link to - Guest Blog.

I know, there are many reasons why we blog.  Mine is and I always state, "I write this blog for me."  However, it is nice, to hear that my words have been uplifting and encouraging.  Even shared on Wisconsin talk radio.  Thanks for reading.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  
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