Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Donation of Hair

I have always had long hair.   When my mom was small, she was sick and had hardly any hair.  So, she always kept hers and our hair long.  My dad was 1/2 Native American, so we all have good hair genes.  Mine grows fast!  We also attended a UPCI church where cutting your hair was frowned upon.  This view on hair, had my keeping mine long.

Anyway, when I was about 19, I cut my hair for the first time.  It was very long and after the cut, still long.  I started donating my hair.  

When our daughter was 11, she was diagnosed  with  Rhabdomyosaracoma of the bladder.   We were advised by her oncologist to cut her long red hair before her first chemo.  It would be easier to lose short than such long hair.  She donated a long ponytail to Locks of Love.

After watching Anna struggle with hair loss, people thinking she was a boy, it made me think about other girls going through this as well.  In an impulsive moment, I cut off most of my long hair and donated it.  At the time, I thought - Lord, if you help us get through this, I will donate my height in hair.

Now, I know that you can't make "deals" with the Lord.  He did heal her, provided us with excellent doctors close to home, helped Anna through her treatments and now this summer she celebrated 10 years cancer free.  God is good!

A few years back I completed my goal of 5'4" of hair donated and I could "check" that off my list.

Well, my hair once again is extremely long.  I had intentions of the last time I cut it to be my "last" time.  However, I now have a girl in our 4-H club that has Alopecia.  I was yet again convicted by hair length - I have so much - she has none.

So, yesterday, after I hot day setting up at the fair, I drove to Cost Cutters.  As I walked in the salon, two older women said "you are NOT cutting your hair!"  I said, "yes I am and I'm donating it."  They both said..."God bless you!"

He has!  Over and over again and gifted me with awesome hair genes.  This is something I can do for others.  If you are convicted NOT to cut your hair, live by a holiness standard that's great!  I'm sure God will bless you for it.  However, I am convicted by having so much hair and taking it for granted.  With this cut, I have now donated 6' 9" of hair to some child who needed it more than I.   

Blessing from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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