Sunday, October 11, 2015

Another Year in the Books - Ringle Harvest Day

Yesterday was the Ringle Harvest Day.  The one time a year 3,ooo people or so...come to our little rural town.  It was VERY busy yesterday.  An old "picker" friend of mine said..."well, Jacky, I'm getting too old to keep up with all the 'big time' pickers you have here this morning..."  Someday, that will be me too.  It was chilly here, 32 degrees here in the morning, but warmed up to the mid 60's.  It was a beautiful day with the fall colors at their peak.  

The crowds were buying - yay!  I had several large pieces I took to the show I did in Rockford, IL that didn't sell.  I wondered why?  To me they were awesome pieces - rough, rusty, chippy in all the right ways.  It left me wondering....what's up? 

My local customers did not disappoint - they get my style - as I sold almost every large piece in my booth.  I had great sales - I always do here - Ringle has consistently been my best show every year.

As I walked around collecting the vendor money, I had several people come up to me and say...."I loved your (fill in the blank) story on your blog."  "I didn't know you could write like that" "Oh, I laughed when I read about the skunk."  "How's your shootin"  "Al, are you teaching Jacky some new tricks."  Honestly, I was so surprised, I didn't know some of these people even read my blog or looked at my pages.  I knew my view numbers have been on the rise, I just didn't know it was because of my friends, neighbors and locals.  

I still write this blog for me.  It is a documentation of what I do, have done.  I also work out lots of my "issues" on here - a way for me to express my thoughts.  Keep my "flesh" in check and hopefully encourage my "spirit."  I am happy others find it that was as well.  Thanks for all the nice compliments!  I appreciate it more than you know.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.   

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