Thursday, October 29, 2015

Update on Our First Born

I know some of my followers and friends ask "how are your daughters doing?"  So, I thought I would share an update on what is going on with Justine, our first born.  

Justine, just graduated in May with her Master's Degree in Social Work.  After finishing up her internship and thesis study in August, God blessed her with a job.  A job in her field of study, in our area and working with children.  In her own words..."I LOVE my job."  She just took her licensure exam this week and passed.  She is now a CAPSW (Certified Advanced Practice Social Worker).  

I wanted to share this today, because she brought one of her clients over to the farm to work with her horse Jack.  She had the idea of working with the horses as a lesson on building trust.  

As I watched her today, from my kitchen window, doing the Parelli games....I thought about how those same "games" could be applied to her practice.  The key to Parelli is natural horsmanship - rather than force.  

I was all teary eyed as I thought...who knew...all those years, riding lessons, 4-H with Barb and Smoothy...this culmination of skills - would become the basis for her helping someone - someone who needs it.  I don't know who this client is, I'm not allowed to meet them.  However, I can tell you I have been praying for all of her clients.  The Lord knows who they are and what their needs are.  

Her horse, Jack, is such a good boy - a perfect partner for her lessons.  I am so happy for her and we are so proud of her accomplishments.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.   
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