Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pine Cone Critters

I still have boxes of pine cones left from Justine's Winter Wonderland Wedding, so I have been thinking of things to do with them.  

Last month at our 4-H meeting, I had the cloverbuds cover one with shortening and roll in birdseed.  We talked about why fat is important in a bird's diet - especially here in the north woods during the winter.  I also handed out log sheets so that they could write down the birds that frequent their feeder.  This is an easy project or lesson to do with kids.

I know many young mothers who home school.  One of these mamas invited me to come over and teach little art classes to her children.  I pack up some supplies and go to their home and we have fun crafting.  I think the best "art" class is one that inspires individual creativity.    

Back to the pine cones.  I googled "pine cone art" and I found a few ideas that were really cute.  I printed off a few to take as examples.  I wasn't sure if they would understand "pine cone critters."  

I was really impressed with the spider - the one with all the eyes...the artist is only 4.  He came up with all the ideas himself.  As he added each one I encouraged him - "good job, what a good idea" - actually, it was and they were!  

Mamas...if you want to encourage creativity, guess might have to make a mess....we did....

...but, we all pitched in and cleaned it up.  

I even was treated to lunch - Chicken Tortilla soup and zucchini bread - yum.  I had so much fun.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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