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Thrifty Thursday - Recycled Christmas Ideas

Thrifty Thursday - Recycled Christmas Cards.

I started writing this post on Thursday, however the cards took over.  Literally, I wanted to make one example to share, but I just kept thinking of more things I could make.  I have more ideas to share, but that will have to be another post.

In my definition, thrifty means resourceful.  One of my 4-H dads, is self employed as a "handy man."  He "picks" the sites that he works, oftentimes sharing some of these finds with me.  One such place was a local printing shop.  After Christmas, they were throwing out their sample books and he asked if he could have them.  He then gave them to me for projects.   So, these past few days....I have made some examples of what you can do with your old Christmas cards. 
1.  Save them - recycle and reuse.  Some of the cards I receive are homemade and are like little pieces of art.

2.  Make gift tags - I try to use the smaller images that are tag size that my note be used for something else.

3.  Make ornaments - use jar ring for pattern and form.  

Trace out the circles and cut.  I made a made a triangle pattern piece to guide my folding them - look in the picture.

Glue the tabs together at folds as shown.  Don't forget to make a string for a hanger and tape it on the inside.  Glue the 2 halves together.

Take some of the other circles and fold them in half.

Glue the the sides together with each other to make this ornament - you can use as many circles as you like it - depending on how full you want it.

4.  Make jar lids for your home made gifts.  Don't forget to use the lid as an ornament as well.  I just wrapped some yarn around a ring and tied the end up like a loop for an ornament hanger.  Cut out a circle from a card and a piece of card board.  

Two gifts in one.

5.  Cut index card size - make Christmas recipe cards.  Keep in a special recipe box of your favorite Christmas recipes or give along with your home made gift.

6.  Cut post card size - resend as your Christmas post card.

7.  Make a banner or garland - cut out words and images and string together with yarn.

8.  Make picture frames.  I bought these cute copper edged glass frames at a flea market this past summer.  They are neat because you can remove the image and reuse.  

9.  Keep some of the ones that have openings for picture frames and ornaments with your photos inside.  

  10.  Ball ornaments.  Cut the card into strips and fasten them together at the top and bottom.  Tie on a string for hanging.  

11.  Ultimate recycle Christmas card project - make a Christmas card box to hold the cards you get this year.  I made mine by cutting 8 cards the same size.  Glue them together in pairs.  Measure out for punching holes.

I just started by crocheting a chain from one hole to the next.  Pull up the yarn and crochet around each hole.

You could stop here and just make an ornament too.  Otherwise do the same to the other 3 pieces.  The bottom should be a square - do the same steps and then crochet the pieces together.  I'm not an expert at crocheting, but this turned out good.

It was at this point I decided to stop.  My daughter Anna said, "Mom, why are you making all of these things?"  I said, "it's therapy, some people drink, some gamble, some shop....I craft."  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

Merry Craftmas!

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