Thursday, December 5, 2013

Popplewood 4-H December Meeting

We start another 4-H year.  Our club has a lot of younger members this year.  We had our December meeting and Christmas party this week - during a snow storm I might add.  We asked the kids what they wanted to do and the top 3 things were:  decorate cookies, make an ornament and do something for someone else.  We accomplished just that.  

Shannon and Deb baked some sugar cookies at home and brought in all the supplies for decorating. 

We made recycled ornaments.  We made these by taking an old ornament, brushed on some Mod Podge and added cut up pieces of tissue paper.  They looked like patch work - really cute.  

We made these cute little cards for our troops and residents at the Homme Home Nursing Home.  (idea off of pinterest link here: ).  

We are going to go visit the residents at the nursing home on Saturday.  Our club members will join my brother on his monthly nursing home ministry and sing carols and pass out these cute cards.   The others will be sent to "any soldier" and be shared with a unit somewhere.  

The 4-H pledge is:  

I pledge my head to clearer thinking - (letting the kids make their own decisions on what to do)

My heart to greater loyality - (working together as a club and group and remembering our troops)

My hands for larger service - (making the chap stick cards to share, visiting the residents at nursing home and singing for them)

My health for better living - (well...cookies in moderation are good for you - they were homemade...we will work on this one...)

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.
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