Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Felt Holly Ornament

Felt Holly Ornament

I made this because I needed something for a wreath I was making - that will be the next post.  First I make a holly leaf pattern and traced it on the felt.

I cut them out with pinking shears.  I wanted the leaf to be bendable so I decided to layer a piece of wire between the 2 pieces of felt.

Start by putting the knotted end of the embroidery floss in the inside of the leaf.  Stitch down the piece of wire to secure it.  Then put the other piece on top and do simple cross stitch around the piece of wire.  

I wanted to add a pom pom for the berry.  When I was little we made these with bells in the middle for our ice skates.  I made a form to wind the yarn around.  Just take a piece of cardboard and cut out the middle on both sides.  

Just wrap your yarn around the cardboard.  The more times you go around, the "fatter" the pom pom.  I did 100 wraps around the cardboard.  

Cut another piece of yard like 5" or so and tie it around the bundle in the middle where the cut out parts are.  I pulled the cardboard apart in the middle and pulled the tying yard even tighter. Cut the looped ends.

I tied another piece of yarn to make the pom pom even tighter.  Fluff it up.  

Twist the 2 holly leaves together.  I attached the pom pom to the leaves by sewing a jingle bell in the middle.  

I always look for craft supplies at thrift shops.  This pack of jingle bells were in a bag of supplies for less than $2.  I have found some real vintage treasures this way.

I added mine to a wreath, however, these would make cute ornaments, make several and make a garland or use on the top of your Christmas gift - a gift (ornament) as well as a decoration.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

Merry Craftmas!
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