Monday, December 9, 2013

Motivation Monday - Getting Back on Program

Regular followers know that I have had a stressful, emotional November.  I tend to eat when I am emotional.   Making bad food choices and over eating come along with that.  I missed my last 2 Zumba classes too.  Thanksgiving and Justine's bridal tea shower didn't help either.  Needless to say...I need to get back on program - Weight Watchers included.

It started last week, that ho hum yucky feeling - if you overindulge you know that feeling.  I couldn't even face the scale - so I didn't go to my Weight Watcher class.  That in turn made me feel even that a word?  A cold, I mean frigid -12 or so for several days in a row, wasn't motivating me to do anything, except hide under my electric blanket and look on Pinterest.

The part of being on a regular program, eating good, drinking water and exercise; is that your body responds to that.  Food in and food out - if you get my drift.  When you don't stick to a regular program and make bad choices, food goes in....but, let's just say, slows down in leaving.  Now that I know the benefits of healthier choices, I don't like this sluggish feeling.  That is what has motivated me today to get back on program.  I loved the regularity benefit - do people talk about this on here?  Well, this is what has motivated me today.  

So, I've allowed myself a few days to "hide" under my electric blanket with my dog Minnie.

She loves the electric blanket.  

So, today, I plan to get back on program, track my food and maybe take a walk.  All the things I know that help me feel better.  Another form of therapy for me is to create something.  I haven't been doing that lately.  So, look for posts this week on simple Christmas projects.  

If, you are in the ho hum yucky mode....just get out from under your electric blanket, get off the couch and just get started.  When life "bucks" you off - get back on - you might need to use your spurs - but, get back on.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.
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