Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mad Hatter Bridal Tea Party

Our daughter, Justine, had her bridal shower this past Sunday afternoon.  We had a Mad Hatter Tea Party.  We asked guests to wear their maddest hat to win a prize.   I had some extra hats at the door for those who didn't wear one.  I was surprised at how many crazy hats we had.  

This is Al's mom.  Justine made her skirt.  She looked so cute - just like Alice in Wonderland.

Everyone said it was fun.  Justine is very creative and actually came up with this mad hatter tea party idea.  We looked on pinterest for other ideas to add to our own.  We started collecting tea cups and tea pots over the summer at auction, thrift shops and rummages.  We actually had enough for 80 place settings.  I let each person who helped us clean up keep a cup and saucer set.  

We set up 2 long tables of 40 place settings.  We used antique table cloths and linens for the table tops - all different and mix matched.  We put the antique tea cup and saucer, copies of the games and the party favor set up at each spot.  In the middle we added our tea pots, card stands, cards, honey, sugar cubes, variety of teas, pedestal stands with treats and the other decorations.  I think it looked great!

Justine made the large green hat which was the card box.

Thank you to all my sisters and nieces who helped me.  We had so many treats.  This was a busy week for our family.  We had the loss of our mom, her memorial and Justine's shower all in just a few short days.  My mom, knew all of our plans, as we talked about them with her.  Even days before her passing, she said..."now, girls, just tell me what I can make for the shower..."  She was there in all of our hearts.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.
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