Saturday, September 26, 2015

Stoney Acres Farm - Farm to Table Pizza

Stoney Acres Farm is located in Athens, Wisconsin.  You can read about their history here:

They host a farm to table pizza night every Friday - while veggies are in season.  Everything for the pizza is grown at their farm with the exception of the cheese.  No problem for us in the dairy state - I'm sure its possible that a neighbor or farm not too far down the road supplied the milk for the cheese.  

We have wanted to go out there for quite sometime.  We picked a gorgeous night; Fall is here and the colors are starting to make their appearance here in north central Wisconsin. 

The farm is located near an Amish and Mennonite community.  As we drove down their road, we passed several 3 horse hitch wagons full of corn stalks.  The farmer and son waved as we slowly passed.  I wanted to take a picture, but that would be disrespectful to their believes.  The farm one up from Stoney Acres had the cutest Amish girls outside with a sign that said "Desserts for Sale"  - we should have stopped before, as it was dark when we left and they weren't outside selling.  So, if you go...stop and support them too.  

We were amazed at the pigs.  We have raised plenty of pigs - all were escape artists....I couldn't believe that their boar was content inside his pen with only 1 low line of wire.  All of our hogs were just naughty I guess.  They had some little ones free ranging around the barn - oh, they were so cute!

Once you order your pizza, you can walk around the farm.  Many people had blankets spread out on the grass.  Kids were playing on the round bales, in the sandbox - very family friendly experience.   Of course, you could purchase produce too.  I bought some beets and turnips, mine didn't do good this year.  

The pizza is cooked in a stone oven, or ovens as the 2 were fired up and it was one pizza after another for hours...they were very busy.  

If you go, here are a few tips:  bring your own chair, blanket or something to sit on, they have tables, but it is busy and you might not find one; bring your own drinks, they only offer water; if you go late in the year like us, you might want to bring a lantern - you could eat in the inside room that had lights, but it was too nice of a night to do that.  

I found this young couple to be very friendly, opening up their farm for strangers - I also appreciate their work ethic - I follow them on face book and they are always working!  

So, on to the pizza - it was awesome!

Al ordered the pepperoni - no suprise if you know him!

I ordered the 5 veggie - 

Both were very good!  I loved the crust - mine was just the right amount of hold up all those veggies...

Thank you Stoney Acres Farm for the fun night.  I wish you the best of luck.  Hard work - does pay off!  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  
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