Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Great Grandpa and Grandma Ritchie

My dad's family has a wonderful history, we can go back several generations.   Growing up, I've heard so many stories about the plight and fight of my Native American side.  

Our tribe, the Potawatomi, were originally from Indiana.  They were forced off their land and relocated to Kansas.  My relatives were the renegade band that fled to the UP of Michigan - more specifically, Mackinac Island.  They were there for many years and forced off the island too.  My great grandpa's parents moved to Canada.  He lived there for several years and was hired to be an "Indian" Interpreter for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  It was during that time that he was hired by the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs to find land for a reservation for the original Potawatomi that fled to Canada to return to the United States.  It was his job to organize the relocation.  He decided on a beautiful area of Forest County, Wisconsin - Stone Lake.  That is where he moved his family and where my dad was born and raised.  This was and is our tribe's reservation to this date.  

I always thought I looked more like my mom's side of the family.  However, when I saw this picture of my great grandma Ritchie, her cute round smiling face - I thought of my round face.  I want to make an apron like the one she is wearing.  The first picture is one of her and another tribal member.  

 Here she is in non- traditional clothes.

This is my great grandpa Ritchie - working on a canoe.  I'm proud of my native heritage.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  
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