Thursday, September 10, 2015

Antique Dry Sink ReDo

I bought this cool primitive piece of furniture - I would say it was a dry sink.  It was crackly in all the right ways.  

However, the top was hideous with old linoleum that was glued down.  I knew I wanted to leave the bottom, but the top had to go.  Have you ever started a project and thought "why, oh why did I do this...?"  That is what I thought after I tried to get the linoleum off.  

There was also a few spray paint spots on one of the drawers.  I ran a belt sander over this in addition to hand sanding the hardware.

 I peeled off all the old top that would come off and I took a belt sander to the rest.  I liked the the multi layer look so I decided to stain the whole thing with walnut color.

I will have to admit, I really like this piece.  I love all the imperfections.  I lined the drawers with cork.  I then wiped down the whole piece - inside and out with paste wax.

I will be taking this to the Main Street Market that the Urban Farm Girls host in Rockford, IL.  We will see if others "get" my style.  I did have someone message me about this piece's hoping it sells!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin. 

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