Tuesday, September 29, 2015

No Sew Flannel Pumpkin

Our 4-H kids will be selling these little pumpkins at the Popplewood 4-H 19th Annual Ringle Harvest Day, October 10, 2015.  

I had to come up with a simple project that the kids could make.  First you start with an old flannel shirt.

Cut off the sleeves - don't throw the rest of the shirt away, you can save that for another project - like the back to a pillow.

Cut the cuff off the sleeve and then cut the sleeve in half.  Turn inside out.  Cut 7 pieces of jute that measure twice as long as the cut part of sleeve.  Put the jute inside the sleeve.  Pinch the end of sleeve around the ends of jute and tie tight with a smaller piece of jute.

Turn right side out and stuff with fiber fill.

Pinch the top together to cover the fiber fill and tie closed with a small piece of jute.  Then, spread out the 7 long strings around the bottom of the pumpkin and pull them to the top.  Wrap another small piece of jute around the top and tie.  Pull the ends tight to make the sections of the pumpkin.

Take the ends of the 7 pieces of jute and wrap around the longer piece of sleeve.  I wrapped 3 one way and 4 the other so that I could tie it tight.  This makes the stem.  Then cut off the end of the sleeve so that it is even with the end of stem.

That's it.  You can trim the ends of the jute or leave to look like vines.  Really simple and I think really cute!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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