Friday, September 18, 2015

Living Estate Sale - "Aunt Dorene"

Last week, my sister-in-law (Mary's) cousin (John), asked me to come and look at some items in his mother's home, to see if I would be interested in buying anything.  I have bought from "Aunt Dorene" before, she loves primitives and folk art too.  She isn't my aunt, but I have always called her that, because that is what Mary calls her.  She was a librarian and known as the "book mobile lady."  Do you remember the book mobile?  When we first moved out to Ringle, the book mobile would come to the elementary school.  Oh the things that have ended to do budgetary cuts.  

I could tell that John was overwhelmed.  His mother is in the nursing home, a house full of items, a renter itching to move in....he just seemed like he needed my help.  Yes, I could have "bought out" the estate, but I had the Urban Farm Girl show and my trailers full, buildings told him I would do an estate sale by the following Friday.  I gave him the "almost" family discount..."it will be fun" I said..."I have friends who will work for free..."  (Thanks Joi, Lynn and Lisa) and my niece Jessi is currently out of work...I could pay her to help.  I can do it!

I must be crazy, sometimes, I forget my own limitations.  I'm not 20, 30 or even 40 something anymore.  I was already busy with meetings and community commitments in the evenings, but somehow I squeezed in an estate sale. 

Mary and her sister, Cheryl, came over and walked through the house while we were setting up.  They talked about all the things they remembered not only in Aunt Dorene's home, but their Grandma's as well.  John told me to let them "have" whatever they wanted.  They didn't feel comfortable just taking things, so we gave them a "family" discount.  What pleased me the most, was to see how happy they both were to be able to retrieve not only an item, but the memory to their own homes.  

I was really happy with a concrete pig I bought...the size of an actual hog...I plan to paint him pink and put him in my rock garden with my concrete horse.  Al was able to buy most of the hunting items John didn't want, so he was happy. 

Monday I treated my workers to lunch at The Basil (yes I wanted Pho...), Tuesday at Pizza Ranch, Wednesday Subway, Thursday Polito's Pizza and today I'm ordering pizza for everyone coming to help me.  Hmmm, you would think I liked pizza.  With my lunch costs and paying Jessi...I might not make too much money.  To many business minded people, my practices are not very savy....or are they?  

For isn't about how much money you have, how much money you make - it's about sharing and helping others.  Besides, digging up treasures makes me happy.

Here are a few pictures of some of the items.

If you are a local follower, I hope to see you tonight...5:30 ish...I might open earlier....

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.
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