Monday, September 28, 2015

Motivational Monday - Recreate Your Childlike Perspective

My nephew, Josh, talked at church yesterday; as he spoke, I was inspired to do this blog post.    

Think back to when you were a kid....O.K. for some of us, I know it will be harder...but, try to remember back to the things that made you excited as a kid.  

"Wow, look at those snowflakes!"
"Yes, that was the brightest firework!"
"Those are the prettiest flowers (actually weeds)!"
"Look at that beautiful horse!"
"Watch...the light goes on, then off...isn't that neat!"
"Yay, that rummage has a free box!"

and the one my nephew prepared his message about:

"Oh, the moon is so cool!"

These are just a few examples of things I was interested in as a kid. 

Looking at snowflakes "are you sure no 2 are the same?" - loving them melting on my hand as I inspected their individual beauty.  Now, when I see snow I'm like - "NO! not more snow!

Laying on a blanket on the grass watching fireworks - clapping for each one..."yes, that was the brightest one yet!"  Now that our kids are grown, we avoid going anywhere near fireworks - "if you've seen one, you've seen them all!"  

Picking dandelions, goldenrod and queen ann's lace for your mom's bouquet "Thank you, those are so pretty!"  Now, I yank them out of my garden - "Yuk, more weeds!"

"Oh, please can I have a horse" I would often beg.  I was horse crazy.  Now that we own them...."are you kidding me...I just cleaned that stall, you have 5 acres to poop in...and you have to do it here?!?"

"Watch, you can turn it, turn it off....(lights, lamp, flashlight, refrigerator...pick one...).  "Stop turning the lights off and're wasting electricity!"  

Me hanging out the car window..."yay, that rummage has a free box!"  I would run and dig through all the junk and pick something out for FREE.  Oh, the joy...."O.K. never mind, that one still makes me happy!"

And the one Josh used was the moon.  Remember looking at the moon and thinking how cool it was!  I remember everyone huddled around our old black and white T.V. watching the astronauts walking on the moon!   It was the coolest thing ever!  I even had "moon boots."  As we grow older, we take the moon for granted - it always comes out at night.  

Last night was the blood, super moon lunar eclipse.  I will admit, I might not have appreciated this lunar event had Josh not preached about it.  It was such a beautiful night last night that Al and I actually laid a blanket on the ground and looked at the moon through his scopes; I was once again in awe of it's beauty.  

(this was one of Josh's pictures from last night)

I guess that is the message in this post.  Let's try to recreate a childlike perspective in our daily tasks.  I plan to, before I yank them out, inspect the next weed and appreciate it for it's beauty.  I want to remember this post when we receive our first snow fall - take the time to inspect and appreciate the creative individual flake - before I complain.  I want to remember to look at each thing I may have learned to dread or take for granted with a new appreciation to a childlike perspective.  I hope you can do the same.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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