Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What's at the End of my Felting Needle?

I have been felting - we all have had a L O N G winter...  I thought I would show you how to make those little mushrooms.  I plan to felt them to maybe a "penny" patch and attach to a slab of wood.  Here is how I made them:

Start with raw wool - this was a wool quilt bat I found in a bag at a thrift shop for $5.  Pull apart enough to form into a ball and felt into the mushroom top.  

It is really simple.  All you do is punch the fiber together with a felting needle.  Use your hands to roll the fiber into the shape you desire.  

At this stage you cover the raw wool shape with roving.  This is the wool taken to the next stage - carded and dyed.  Felt on the color to cover the white.  Add the spots. 

You make the stem the same way.  Start with a piece of raw wool, rool it into a "log" and start felting it tight.  

Once in a stem shape, cover and felt with roving.  I combined white and brown to make it look more realistic.

When felting the stem to the top, I left extra roving on the end so that I had plenty of fiber to felt them together with.

That's it.  If you try the project and have questions, please message me or leave a comment.  I will see if I can help.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin. 

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