Monday, February 23, 2015

Social Media Links

Hello friends and welcome new followers.  I have added my social media sites - at the bottom of my header.  If you want, go over and LIKE my pages or follow me on Pinterest and Instagram.  

I didn't realize until I filled out the application to the show in Rockford, IL - Urban Farm Girls - just how important linking these sites to your blog are....not for bloggers.....but, for selling my stuff.  

My blog won't change - as I write this for me - sharing my feelings, recipes and repurposing projects on here.  

Speaking of that....I have been working on cutting up those blazers for the penny rugs....

I also cut up this old quilt and plan to make some flag pillows.  I pinned the idea on my True to the Red, White and Blue board on Pinterest.  I plan to make them look like this:

I plan - well hope - to post a tutorial on how I made these.  I also plan to pin a card to each of my repurposed items with a before picture of each project with a link to my blog so that the new owner can see how I did it....I hope to anyway....

Sometimes I have bigger plans than what I actually accomplish.  However, this is what keeps me going. 

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  
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