Thursday, February 26, 2015

Flash Friday Sale - Costume Jewelry

I'm on the 3rd Flash Friday sale.  I post something I want to "flash" sell (inventory reduction) on my social media sites; the first person to say SOLD buys it.  Remember, you can go to the bottom of my header and link to my other sites if you are interested.  

So far the buyers have been people from around here - but, I am not opposed to shipping items for the actual cost.   

Here is what I will have tomorrow at 7 a.m.  (they will only be $5 a lot....)

I will have 2 lots - 7 pieces in each.  One for him and one for her.  

This has been fun - winter is long up here in Wisconsin - so, until I can "pop up" and set up at a sale, I will post some items.  Thanks.  

Blessing from Ringle, Wisconsin.  
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