Thursday, January 16, 2014

Taco Pizza

Taco Pizza

We had tacos on Tuesday night, I had some left over meat and a can of pizza dough - hey, I could make a taco pizza.

Truthfully, my husband, Al, is a "pizza hound."  He LOVES pizza!  So anytime I make something that resembles a pizza - he is happy.  

I prepared some items we like on pizza.  Mostly, left over from last night.  Prepare the crust according to the directions and bake for 8 minutes before you put the toppings on.

Then I spread the crust with re fried beans

I then spread out the taco meat and dotted that with salsa

Then put on the veggies you like; sliced black olives, green onions and diced peppers.

Sprinkle on the cheese - I did cheddar and mozzarella. 

 Bake for another 10-15 minutes till crust edges are brown and cheese is melted.

This was really good!  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

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