Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pepper Steak

Pepper Steak

Start with your cut of meat, I used some of our home raised beef - arm roast.  While partially frozen, cut in thin strips against the grain, leave to fully thaw.  

Cut into slices an onion and peppers and mince some garlic.  My husband doesn't like "mushy" food - so I only saute these veggies for a minute till just a little tender in olive oil.  Set to the side.  

Make a mix of corn starch, salt, pepper and some steak seasoning - stir together.  Dust the meat slices with this mixture.  Put additional olive oil and a few pats of butter in the pan.  Brown the meat.  The corn starch mixture will stick to the bottom of the pan - you want this to happen.  When the meat is just brown, add 1 C water to the meat and stir up the drippings.  

I then added another 1 C of beef broth.  I made mine with water and bouillon.  While this is heating to a bubble, make a "slurry."  I took the remaining seasoned corn starch mix that I used to dust the meat and added enough water to make it look like thin school glue.  Add this to the meat and stir till thickened.  Return the peppers, onion and garlic back to the meat.  That's it.


This was my Christmas gift - a rice cooker!  I love it.  I put my rice into the cooker while I was making the pepper steak - it was all done at the same time.  The rice was perfect.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

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