Monday, January 20, 2014

Motivational Monday - "About My Father's Business"

I have been teaching Sunday School.  When we started having a Sunday service at Good Samaritan (my brother's church), I was the only teacher.  However, now we have so many kids that we divided them into 2 groups.  I will be with the older group.  

Yesterday, our lesson was about Jesus in the temple at age 12.  This is the average age of the kids in my class.  I was thinking how I could make this applicable and relative to them.  I was thinking about what Jesus said to Mary and Joseph, "I must be about my father's business."  Then this came to me...

My friend's Dad owned a business, a processing plant.  When he bought this it was in a smaller community a little farther out in the "country."  He built this business up with the help of his family and great employees. The plant eventually moved to Weston, right off the highway and added a retail space.  He worked with his children to grow the business.  He is nearing retirement age and now has his son to follow in his footsteps to manage the business.  In doing this, he left his son with an inheritance - the plant.  I thought how this was like the scripture we read.  My friend's brother, was about his father's business.  His father and now he will work in this business and maybe leave it as an inheritance for his son.    

When Jesus said "I must be about my father's business," this was applicable to us too.  We must be about His business if we are to gain an eternal inheritance.  Salvation is not by works, it is by grace.  However, our daily activities, the things we do - should reflect that grace.  We need to be about our father's business as well.  

I went around the class and told each student what I felt they were good at.  How they could use their talents as a ministry.  They are not too young to be used and to "be about our father's business."  

It has been on my heart to start a ministry called "helping hands."  I told the class about this and we brainstormed about some ways we could start helping in our community.  So, look for more posts about "helping hands ministry" as we move forward "being about our father's business."  

I encourage you too, to find ways of helping in your community.  If you already are doing so - you know the blessing that comes from helping others.  Good luck in finding your ministry.  Let me know what ways you are "about our father's business" by leaving a comment.  Thanks.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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