Friday, January 3, 2014

Faith and Fear - Moving into 2014

I don't make traditional New Year's Resolutions.  I actually make "it's a new DAY resolutions."  All of us struggle with things - every day.  I usually wake each morning with an optimistic outlook and try to motivate myself to be the best "Dicky Bird" that I can be.  

Last night at bible study, Frank talked about being full of faith and fear.  Abraham, was a good example of that.  God told Abraham to pick up all his household and move to a place that He would lead him to.  Abraham didn't know where that place was, but he followed God with faith.  One night camping here, the next there, always moving forward by faith to the destination that God desired.  On this journey he had moments of fear.   His wife, Sarah, was beautiful and as they approached an unknown tribe or village he told her to tell them that she was his sister.  He was being led by fear - fear that they would kill him so that Sarah would be a widow.

I thought that was a great example.  Frank said "full of faith and fear" and pointed at himself.  Yep, I understand that.  I too am full of faith and fear.  Which one will win?  Faith that this is a new year and full of opportunity?  Or, fear of what adventures, trials that this future year holds for me? 

I think we all can relate to that.  As I look back on 2013, how the year unfolded - the loss of my mom - I can also rest assured that my faith brought me through that.  I can ease my fears on the fact that Jesus helped me in that situation and no matter what experiences 2014 has in store me me - my faith CAN be stronger than my fears.  

I can't say I won't be afraid of what having 2 weddings in 1 year will be; or that my empty nest will be here; or that my business might not have as many opportunities to grow that I have had in the past - whatever - Lord help me to rely on my faith in YOU to pull me through.  I pray that each of you dear followers can do the same.  Having faith - building faith - isn't bought, doesn't come from attending a certain church, isn't award to an elite is built.  Let's move forward together this year with stronger faith than fear.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

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