Friday, September 16, 2011

What I Bought From Junk Bonanza






Cute scrabble purse:  Nostalgic Memories Pocket Book, Booth #349

Dragon Fly Garden Décor:  Autumn Place Arts, Booth #151

Chicken necklace and heart, dog tag and key necklace:  Lisa Souers Designs, Booth #217

Wool felted purse and pin:  Karen Heddens Designs, Booth #201

Witch in old shoe, snowman pin and needle punch pin:  C.J. Robb & Co, Booth #322

Glass ornament with b&w picture, galvanized fall sayings:  Destination Art/The Loft on 2nd, Booth #102

Snap bracelet with vintage fabric – Nancy Polacek Design, Booth #202

Glammed up bobby pins – not sure if it was Vintage Chic or LuLu’s Upcycling Lounge – Booths #203 or 204

The Easter chicks vintage cards, old cigar liners:  Knick Knack Report, booth #170

I bought the old children’s shoes, hen & chick magnet, galvanized pencil holder, owl pin, bingo pieces, rusty stars, the money bag and 2 headbands and old vintage doll from some booths that I can’t remember….sorry.  I also bought some Christmas presents for my girls that I didn’t take pictures of….

The blue with yellow flowers tote I bought from Sam’s Club – before this event – but used it there – I had MANY people compliment me on it.  They thought I bought it there – I could have sold many of them….

Blessings from Wisconsin!


BoPeep said...

Somehow I missed the first post about the Bonanza, but Holy Moly, what a great looking place! Salvaged, crafted, vintage heaven! And you made a pretty good haul, too. Happy crafting!

dr momi said...

Ooh...I love that dragon fly!

Hey, I passed on the Liebster Award to you!

Gracie's Cottage said...

Wow...great finds! I didn't see any of that stuff!

Thanks so much for coming by.


art and antiques said...

You might like to become involved in - check it out!