Friday, September 16, 2011

JUNK BONANZA–Early Bird Report


My first year to attend the Junk Bonanza.  This huge event is held in Canterbury Park, Shakopee, MN.  I was hesitant to go, because I HATE to drive in “big cities!”   So, I asked my friend Renee (who drives a stock trailer full of their show cattle – EVERY WHERE and not afraid of the 94/494 St. Paul/Minneapolis driving) to come with me; she drove!

We arrived with our Early Bird tickets @ 7:40 a.m. – we were like 200 or something in line…


FOX  news was there interviewing people as well as newspapers…


The blonde was originally from Eau Claire, WI, she now lives in cities, this was her 4th year.  She LOVES it too!  She shared past stories and tips. 


When they opened the doors, you could hardly get through the isles.  People were grabbing stuff right and left.  We decided to bypass that crowd and move to the back.  We were one of the first in the back section and did get some good deals. Smile  Renee bought an enameled Sun Drop sign shaped like a pop bottle.  Her son loves Sun Drop and he LOVED the sign!  The vendors were Carter Station, booth #329, I think from Iowa.  Super cool stuff! 

Here are a few other pictures from the show:


these 2 guys had neat salvaged items, they had hand made picture frames made from old wainscot beadboard and barn board, they had farm implement parts turned into light fixtures.  This was Robinwood Reclaim, LLC, booth #401, I heard them say they “pick” in North Dakota.




                                                                                                        Now for my personal favorite booth; #322, CJ Robb & Co. also from Iowa.  I also am a folk artist who works with paper mache’, and my art looks similar to this – so to me – this booth had the “WOW” factor!                 




The artist…super nice lady!  We shared some ideas….Smile





I was amazed at all the vendor booths – I so need to step up my “game”  I loved the use of space – even vertical. 


NEAT jewelry – I personally don’t wear much jewelry, but I found this cute chicken pendant this artist made – so CUTE!  This is booth #217, Lisa Souers Designs she is from Washington (state that is). 



What I liked best about this event was the variety of vendors.  I have been to the wholesale markets and know what is prefab and what is original art….I did see a few “ordered” things, but most of it was original art, galvanized and rusty old, antique, vintage, holiday, hand felted, hand sewn, hand beaded, primitive, glammed, painted, reupholstered, hand made goodness! 

The amount of vendors, the rooms, the booths, they just wind their way through the venue wonderfully!  I loved the extra touches that the staff did – like the photo op area (I forgot to take a picture) the extra decorating – like burlap and corn bundles on the chairs in food area, cornstalks in the entry and here and there at different spots. 

Excellent event!  I would love to be a vendor – someday – either way, I will be back!

Blessings from Wisconsin!

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