Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Canning Applesauce

While visiting my mother-in-law in Antigo, WI, her elderly neighbor was outside picking his apples.  I don’t know if it is just here in Wisconsin, but the apple trees here are loaded!  He was kind enough to share, so we picked some bags full.  They are Hawthorne apples - I think that is what she said.  I washed them, cut in quarters, cut out the core, I left the peelings on and cooked them till soft.  I then ran them through my trusty old Foley food mill, added a small amount of sugar, some I added cinnamon and cloves too.  I packed the jars and gave them a 5 minute or so water bath – just to seal the lids.  I like my food more “raw” than cooked.  Here is what I ended up with 21 pints of the prettiest pink applesauce.  The skins made it pink and I LOVE it.  I just finished that – you know like hours later – and my friend Lisa dropped off 2 1/2 grocery bags of McIntosh apples.  I think I will freeze these for baking. 
The Atlas is an older jar.  One thing with cleaning out estates, I have an abundance of jars!  Now on to these for today…..(I gave my sister Bonnie a bag of apples too).
Till later, God willing, Blessings from Wisconsin where I am enjoying the FALL bounty and weather!
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