Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Canning Today

We live in a low lying area next to a stream, which makes for a short garden year.  Not to mention that I live in Wisconsin.  We had a light frost 2 nights in a row.  Thank goodness, I picked what was ripe when I did.  I guess the summer growing season is done.  I LOVE Fall and hope we have a long Indian Summer. 

I cooked down an almost full 5 gallon pail of various cherry tomatoes, ran them through my trusty “Foley” food mill and made juice.  It is rich in pulp and delicious!  I add 1/2 tsp. canning salt and pressure can @5lbs for 3-5 min. – mostly just to seal jars.  This made 9 quarts.
I also did a 5 gallon pail of whole tomatoes.  I use an old dish cloth and wrap 5 or 6 washed tomatoes, I then dip them in hot water, for only a few minutes then dump them in a dish and peel off the skins.  I then pack them tightly, even running my knife through to break up holes, add 1/2 tsp. canning salt and pressure can @ 5lbs. for 5-6 min. – I like a firmer tomato. 

Using a pressure canner is SO EASY!  I LOVE mine!


My next batch is done….off to work on my freezer corn.  Till later, God willing.  Blessings from Wisconsin!
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