Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall chicks…those free range hens…


Living in Wisconsin, you don’t want to have little chicks this late in the season.  It gets is too cold too fast.  So, lo and behold, here comes a mama hen and a bunch of chicks.  She isn’t a good mama – she leaves some of them outside at night and I hear them “peeping” so I have to go outside and put them in the coop. 

Today when I went out to feed the animals, I saw this cute little chick peeking his head out of one of my huge cucumbers I fed the chickens.  Isn’t that cute!


Just pecking its way through the shell.

The other night, when I was gone to the Junk Bonanza, my husband heard one of the chicks “peeping.”  So he went to find it – he chased it around the side of the coop – when the little chick saw those huge cucumbers, it stopped dead in its tracks and started pecking at it – he was able to catch pretty easy and put it in the coop. 

Boy, chickens sure to have small brains….

Blessings from Wisconsin.

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