Monday, September 19, 2011

Pressure Cooking - Chicken

I know I’ve mentioned this before, I LOVE to work with my pressure canner/cooker.  Today I made chicken stew over biscuits.  I started with frozen chickens (our own young roosters), put them in my pressure cooker with water and onions and cooked them at 10 lbs of pressure for an hour.  When I opened up the pot, they were fall off the bones tender.  I then deboned, skinned and diced up the meat.  I added diced potatoes, celery, carrots, 1 can of cream of mushroom soup with 1 can of the stock left that I cooked my chickens in.  Baked at 350 till fork tender.  Made my biscuits – I forgot to take a picture of it – too late now it is all gone Smile
frozen chicken and diced onions (last years garden)
fall off bone tender – look at golden stock!
before debone and skinning – diced meat….I also added salt, pepper and parsley flakes.
Ready for oven. 
Blessings from Wisconsin!
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