Monday, March 7, 2011

Still Snowing In Wisconsin....

Yes, we have another snowy day today in Ringle, WI.  Actually, we are going to have a snowy week!  I do think the snow is pretty and I love that we experience all 4 seasons here, however,  I just wish Spring would be here already. 

This Winter, we had a little red squirrel at our bird feeder almost everyday.  Al hates him, but the girls and I think he is cute.  He is a fiesty little devil.  Very protective of this feeder.  There are two other squirrels that "try" to eat too, one gray, one black.  This little red devil wrestles with them, even clutching on to their fur and rolling them around and around.....yes, they are fighting.....they don't have Spring Fever yet.  Anyway, this little red guy set up residency in the bushes right outside our back door.  Here are a few pictures of him from this morning. 
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