Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pretty Soon - But Not Today

Pretty Soon....but, not today!  Snowing in Wisconsin!

I saw a Robin yesterday.  Frank and Mary both saw one last week.  They beat me to it again this year.  I love Robins, they are Wisconsin's state bird.  Last year we had a nest on the lean to one of our pole buildings.  Parked under the lean and the nest was Al's old pick up truck.  Luckily, he had the spare tire on the hood of the truck.  The little birds were so big, that a few fell out of the nest on to the truck and into the the tire.  It was a nice protection for them, as they didn't roll off on to the ground.  The mama and papa Robin flew into the spare tire and fed the ones on the hood of the truck as well as those still in the nest.  It was fun to peek over the top of the tire and see the little ones with their mouth's wide open.  The mama and papa were awfully nervous and swooped at our  heads when we walked over there.  I didn't bother them too much, as I didn't want the cats to find them.  They hopped and then flew away within a few days.

Waiting for Spring.....     
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