Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Junk Drunk

I heard something really funny on that "American Pickers" show on the history channel.  They said that Mike was "junk drunk."  I've been "junk drunk" on many occassions!  So now I've been saying ...guess what?  I'm junk drunk (said in a sountern style slang...) Anna HATES it!  So, when I pick her up from school, I"ll say...guess what...you get the picture...

Anyway, my favorite kind of "junk drunk" is when I am hired to set up a sale, auction or packing a buy out when no other dealers have seen the junk.  It's not about buying for me, it is about finding the stuff.  I even have junk ESP.  You know, when you just get the feeling that you're gonna find something good.  This one buy out we did, we were cleaning out the attic, it was full of ALOT of empty boxes.  Al was just tossing them down the staircase...and I said wait...I just got this feeling that there is something good in here....sure enough, the box was full of antique candy boxes.  Really neat ones.  I'm taking them this weekend to the antique show in DePere, WI.  I did keep one, it is a Halloween box, black cat, 24" tall with a orange silk ribbon around neck, in it's original box....super neat!   Another time, I was hired to set up an auction for George Woodrich.  We were digging in an old trunk, just full of old newspapers, etc. and I just had that feeling....wrapped up in old torn fabric, under all the paper, buried in the corner was a bunch of old coins....at auction they brought several hundred dollars. 

Anyway, I'm out to my pole building to dig up some more stuff for this weekend....hopefully I get junk drunk on something I forgot I bought (this happens alot, I'm a hoarder).  Have a good day!
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