Friday, March 4, 2011

Laundry Room

These are pictures of my laundry room.  I love my laundry room.  All of the collectibles on my shelf above the washer, dryer and sink have special meaning.  I love the pottery and the bird figures.  My mother in law, Marlene or "Grandma Pepper" got me started on the birds.  There is a window and door in my laundry room that go out to a small bulb garden and bird feeder.  I love watching the birds and other critters that frequent it.  My cats are getting so old now...almost 10...that is great for "barn cats"...they don't even  try to catch birds anymore. 

My oldest daughter, Justine, came up with this pretty handy trick for folding sheets - I LOVE it!  It is pretty neat when your kids can teach you stuff.  When folding your bedding, fold fitted, flat sheet and store them in the pillow case.  Put the bundle in your linen closet.  This way you have bundles that have all the matching stuff togeter.  That Justine...she is so smart!

Hope you enjoy!
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