Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Spring Here at the Farm

It sure has been raining...and raining...and raining...here in Wisconsin.  One positive is that the rain is helping my rhubarb become JUMBO

I found this primitive wheelbarrow on accident at an unadvertised country sale.  I pulled up and asked "how much?"  We haggled a bit on the price and I bought it.  As he was helping me load it in my van, he saw some old hunting pants I just bought at an earlier rummage sale.  He asked if I wanted to sell them, "of course, it's all for sale," I said.  So we did another deal with the price and I ended up only paying what I wanted to, to begin with, with the trade.  This "business" sure is silly at times.  

I divided up some plants for a "vintage plant sale" at Jackie's Antique Mall.  

I am looking forward, once it stops raining, to get out in my garden.  We have a Killdeer that decided that our garden was the "perfect" spot for her nest.  Crazy bird!  I have to plant around her, as she is so protective!  I hope they hatch out this year - last year something ate them.  

Our Kestrels have returned.  They are busy in their nest and hunting, flying from the barn to the woods.  Their call is so beautiful.  

This photo is compliments of Wikipedia.  I've tried, but they are too fast.  

We ordered our "meat" chicks - 60 of them.  When I told one of my little 4Hrs that we (we is actually Al) are going to butcher them, he said "can I come help?"  I don't know if he understands what will happen, how it all works, but he assures me he wants to....we will see.  

We planted more blueberry bushes.  This time I made sure not to pick out the dwarf ones.  I'm not going crazy with the vegetables this year.  Sweet corn, pumpkins and squash do the best in our clay soil.  I will add some tomato plants to the raised beds along with carrots, beets and kale.  I love those seed tapes for these tiny seeds.  My eyes aren't what they use to be!  I want to clean out and divide up my herb bed, oh the chives and spearmint, too much!  

We are going to have a busy Summer here as well.  We have plans, if we can afford it, to jack up the barn and fix the foundation.  Landscape where the new well was dug...it's a muddy mess now.  Hopefully, kill off some "creeping Charlie" and where that was, put some kind of rock, wood chips, decking, I'm not sure yet.  I am sure I will blog about all this as it happens.  

Oh, and I have hired a "Summer intern" to help me clean out my pole buildings.  I hope to have a sale here or somewhere with all my overstock of inventory.  Pray I can do this!  I have many friends who have volunteered to help as well.  The woman I hired, Shannon, actually had the availability I was looking for, but I am sure I will still need friend's help too.  

I hope all is going well at your homes, homesteads or farms.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.   
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