Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Only a Mother, My Children Could Love

Yes, I am .... it is true...."only a mother, my children could love."  

Do you have any embarrassing "mom" moments?  Oh, I have so many, just ask my girls.

I started thinking about this, because I was sharing with a friend about this big old van I once owned.  We bought it from the Wisconsin Forestry Department surplus auction.  It was a green, like no other - it stood out - we called the "Scooby Doo Van" (smile).  It was a 15 passenger with removable seats.  As a junker, picker you know that those seats hardly were in there.  

The story is that I went to an auction during the day, no one was really there, so...I bought...lots....   The thing with that van is that it had lots of windows....  As I hurried back to town, to wait in line at the middle school to pick up Justine, I had other mothers looking in the window......"is that for sale?"   Well, like any good junk dealer...I sold.  Well, as this was all going let out...I hardly noticed....  I think on it now and I think of all the other kids getting picked up by their moms...Ford Explorers, Jeeps, "Scooby Doo Van."  I can imagine this scenario..."Justine, where is your mom?"  "Oh, she's the one over there....selling junk out of her van...."  Many a time, we would drop off at school and out would roll something....some item (s) that was being stored/hoarded in one of my vehicles.  What an embarrassing mom!

When you buy out estates, your children grow up claiming items with the original owner's names - hey, they might even wear a coat that had a deceased person's name printed on the back  "Oh, it's over there by the Dr. Forrester chair..."  or  "Elva's blanket" - these things....only my children would grow up saying...what an embarrassing mom!

When you go to auctions and pile your purchases in a heap...and something is missing, because you have a photographic memory when it comes to might yell and stop the auctioneer from selling...."who stole my shopping carts!  I know Jesus might forgive you, but I won't...."  To which I hear one of my children...."mom, I'm using it to load the van..."  YIKES!  What an embarrassing mom!

When you grow up living on a farm with animals, you might see a famous picture in a history book and announce to the class...."that rooster is riding that hen..."  to the amazement of the rest of the class and the teacher, they had a little lesson on how "chickens do the words I explained to her so she could understand" - what an embarrassing mom!

I could go on...but, I best some of you might think I'm a cool blogger....hahaha

To these and many more embarrassing mom moments - I treasure!  I enjoyed every minute of it!  I will keep doing things my children will be embarrassed by, hey, why stop now?!  I live up to and look forward to being "the mother, only my children could love."  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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