Friday, March 10, 2017

What I'm Working On This Week

This week I've been working on things to take to the Theme sale:

This is an occasional shop - open 3 days a month.  These are some of the items you will find from me there.  

I have had these cupboard panels - they were seconds - I bought years ago from a guy who worked for a cabinet maker.  I've painted signs and such on them over the years, but I saw something like this at the Shop Hop....this is what I made....I painted, distressed, stained the boards - added the screen, moss and flowers.

If these sell...the plan is to make more for the Urban Farm Girl and Tansy Hill Farm shows in May.

When you "buy out" an estate, you always have items that won't sell the way they, in digging last week in my boxes of inventory, I came up with several items to work on.  These wood pieces were so dated...1970 I painted them and added some spring decorations

I also found several miss matched and single pieces of glass, goblets, serving bowls - what to do?  I came up with these...

I "scored" with a huge amount of ceramic Easter eggs...I had to do something to make them sell too... I think they look nice.  

I have had some nice glass jars....I did this to them...

But, what I spent the most time on was the buffet.  It was so unusual.  When I bought it, I could see all the layers and colors I wanted to paint it.  I did pay $100 more for it than I usually want to pay for pieces I paint.  However, it was so cool and I bought it from some good customers of mine for over 15 fact they just bought that huge cupboard I worked on a few weeks back.  This piece was his grandparent's.  I think it is around 100 years old.    

I had to sand it, wash it with steel wool and mineral spirits, fix the nicks and scratches, paint two coats of base (clay color), dry brush on the gray and then the linen - stain and wax...this was a labor of love as it took all week!  I don't' want to sound prideful, but I LOVE it!  I know I have a different style in that I LOVE imperfection....layers of imperfection.....stop it!!!

Before - After

I think I just came up with a Motivational Monday post..."Layers of Imperfection" 

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  
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