Sunday, March 5, 2017

Vintage Shop Hop - What's Hot

The Vintage Shop Hop is organized by Nellie's Barn Sale - here are the links:

If you happen to miss the "hop" this past weekend, please go look at the map for the list of all these wonderful shops that are located in Illinois and Wisconsin.  Use the map so that you may still visit and find them.

I will start out this post with saying - I didn't take any pictures of items in shops - because I don't like it when people do that - I've had people take pictures of my booth and art instead of buying, I NEVER do this...good thing I have a photographic memory.  (smile)

I was lucky to be invited to go both Friday and Saturday.  On Friday we started in the Madison area and ended up in Whitewater.  On Saturday, we started in Appleton and ended up in New London.  This is the 3rd year of our going.

I was so inspired by all the vignettes, unique props, displays and creative art!  As an artist and antique dealer, I was looking for ideas and to see up and coming trends.  Here is what I saw.

One common item that was creatively displayed, uniquely used, artistically repurposed was......books!  Yes, books!  I know from watching "Fixer Upper" that Joanna Gaines loves to decorate with books.  I am sure some of this came from that as well...but, I was blown away with the other uses for books.  I hope to recreate some of these for my booths.

Barn boards...still in...and still hot!  In the rough or polly, waxed and sealed - everywhere.

Bird could be because it is Spring...but so many displays with bird cages.  

Baskets galore...I know it is close to Easter, but many, many baskets made of all types of materials.  

Painted furniture - there were so many pieces.  I saw SOLD stickers on those pieces that were uniquely painted - soft, yet colorful and pieces that were paint and original wood combined.  

Signs, I personally think some of these are on the way out, but by the look of what other ladies were buying - original sayings, hand made, unique...not the "cookie cutter" ordered ones.  

Recycled and upcycled clothes.  Tshirts with cute country sayings and shop logos.

For the most part, I noticed that the customers were being very smart with their purchases.  Standing in line behind some younger ladies, I overheard them talking about how the were going to use or display this and was interesting. 

I start a new week with projects still in my entry, paint brushes on the kitchen table, boxes of estate buy out items to mark and my head spinning with inspiration.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.   

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