Friday, March 31, 2017

Five on Friday - A Little Dittty about Dicky Bird's Week

First, this really isn't a ditty.  Which by the way, is my first of Five on goes....

1.  I google search, wikipedia and spell check every post - it still amazes me how many errors I miss.  Anyway, I was thinking of a catchy (wait..."how do you spell catchy?"...I'm back now...LOL) title for my post for this Five on Friday.  I didn't know ditty was a song and not a story, but the title is cute with Dicky Bird (smile).  I love Wikipedia and use it every time I post.  

2.  I will be teaching around 100 Girl Scouts how to needle felt this weekend near Milwaukee, WI.  There will be rotations of different folk art classes, so I won't have all 100 at the same time, thank goodness.  I needed to buy some foam for cutting into squares to felt on so their needles won't break.  I went to the fabric store, was I shocked at the price!  I found a bin of remnant pieces, so I took my arms full of them to the cutting counter.  As I approach, I see the girl grab her head phones...."yes, it looks that way" "I don't think so" "I don't know..." "yes, all of them..."  I could gather from their conversation it was about me.  So, I tell the girl...."tell her I'm teaching ..... and I explain it."  Really??  As I walk with them up to the check out, customers were asking, "what are you going to do with all of those?"  People, it doesn't matter what it is or where I am this this literally happens to me all the time.  I could have 4 loaves of bread in my cart and someone say, "why are you buying all that bread?"  "Because,I'm hungry?!?"  LOL

3.  Once home with the sheets of foam, how do I cut them into smaller squares?  I saw something once where you could do this with an electric knife.  Now, you all know I "buy out" total household estates, I think I remember seeing one I go out to the barn and dig.  Luck would have it, I found it.  Wow, what a handy little tool - I'm keeping it!  I ended up with 63 squares BTW - now I need to teach more classes.  Anyone want to learn how to needle felt?

4.  Another handy crafting tip a friend shared with me this week, was using "press and seal" plastic wrap to hold your pieces together while you hand applique them.  It worked great!  

5.  I started back on my diet.  I thought of a handy tip to help me keep on track.  I take a picture of my plate at each meal and email them to me at the end of the day.  I print it off and write down the nutritional information I am keeping track of and put it in a binder.  I am a visual person - I love looking back at my pretty plates of healthy food!  Also, I have a reference for future use when I don't know what to eat. Win/Win!

So, that is my list of five.  Off to Waukesha (Milwaukee) where my daughter and son in law live.  We will be thrifting all day and eating Pho for supper!  Yay!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin!

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