Thursday, March 2, 2017

What I'm Working on This Week - March 1-8

Here is the before picture of some of the projects I'm working on this week.  

I LOVE the small buffet and all the details in the wood.  This piece has several condition issues and I need to work on fixing before I paint it.  I hope to do a post just about that.    I have some small shelves, benches, boxes - all from estate buyouts and thrifting - that need a little "updating" to bring them back to life.  I hate to do it, but the picture of a young Jesus has been in all of my booths, marked down to $3 and no one bought it...I have a plan to paint over it...

I finished a few of them yesterday.  I added some old hardware from another piece I repurposed to the recipe boxes - these could hold postcards, index cards or photos too.  All of these items will be available at the next Theme sale.  

I also taught our ladies bible study on "the JOY of the Lord is our strength."  I have resigned from teaching Sunday school and took up a more leadership role in the ladies ministry at our church.  I started making these color/journal sheets for each of our bible studies.  

I'm off today to take inventory to my booth at Jackie's Antique Mall and to make and stage the window display at the Theme shop.   

I have to say, that weekly, someone comes up to me and asks, "how is your shop doing?"  I have to keep saying..."I don't own a shop, Jackie's Antique Mall isn't mine and neither is Theme..."  Last week, even Jackie's aunt commented on something I did and thought I was her, even our family get us and our business confused.  It is what it is...  I was sad to find out that the historical brick and mortar building Theme rented was to be sold.  I certainly didn't have the means to purchase the property or ability to create a new LLC to start another business (I'm already in too many).  I'm happy to say, that the new owners like Theme and have agreed to keep things the same for now.  Also, Theme is official, as the one who found the location to rent, created the LLC.  So, I will be able to continue to sell there.   

I hope to pick up some more items from the farm/barn pick from last week...since I looked at the items, we have had 2 snow storms...just my luck!  

Thanks for the interest.  
Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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