Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Great American Melting Pot

I, like most multi-generational Americans, am a complete mix of many nations and cultures.  They don't call us "the great melting pot" for nothing.  Watch this little clip from School House Rocks:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZQl6XBo64M  I remember watching this when I was little.

While on our trip to Scotland and Ireland, I learned so much about my maternal past - her paternal side - the Clan Kincaid.   I felt such a connection to the Highlands of Scotland - almost the same way I feel when I am in the woods here in Wisconsin.  I know my past has roots there, I felt it in my  heart.

Scotch-Irish, English and I've just learned also Welch Traveler.  Welch Traveler?? Are you kidding me...I was tickled about it!   That explains a lot!  I know, to some, claiming to be a "traveler" might not be something your family is proud of.  While in Ireland, we passed a traveler's park, our guide, John, said these people are actually hard-working and not everything you hear of them is true.  I've watched My Big Fat Gypsy Weddings and Gyspy Sisters - with their Irish/American connection based in Appalachia Kentucky.  That is where my Kincaid family comes from.

We all are made up of those in our past who have passed on...literally and our "genetic puzzle" lets say, of what we are made of.  My grandma Kincaid (Roach/Flippo) must have some traveler in her as well.  I think I received a double dose. 

I did a bit of research on Welch Travelers, I found it very interesting.  These families tend to stay in "clans" - close knit units, lean on their Biblical faith, choose matriarchal leadership, tend to be self-employed, like to or at least don't back down from a fight...(smile), they are people people and "know no strangers" and it is said they might not have a lot, but what they do have, they share with others.  All of this made me laugh.  I can see all of those traits, woven into our family from the past, up to mine and the next generation.  

So, I embrace all the piece of the past that make me - me.  I just happen to love that I am Welch Traveler - and it fits me to a T.  

                    (picture of Welch Travelers off of Wikipedia)

Picture of "American Welch Travelers" outside my grandpa and grandma Kincaid's house.  That is me in the yellow shirt on the left end of the glider.  Picture is with cousins and my grandpa Kincaid.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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