Thursday, September 8, 2016

"Do the Hustle"

"Do the Hustle!" - ba ba ba ba da didditty dum dum , ba ba ba  ba da diditty dum, dum....O.K. now that I have that song in your head...on to my post.

I've been doing the hustle lately.  You might even say, I've been hustling the hustle.  

Hustle:  1. anything you do to make money
               2. obtain by force, action or persuasion
               3. to move hurriedly in a direction  
Hmm...I see previous posts in those...

Sometimes I wonder why I work so hard at working.  Do I "need" to do "this" - or, should I just get a "real job?" 

I was recently asked those same questions.  I responded with "well, I've been free ranging it for so long, I don't think I can go back in to the coop."  

It hit me, I really don't think I CAN.  Once you have relished in the delight of self employment - success and failure - nothing matches it.  You know, like one of the "thrill seekers" who keeps doing more adventurous things to get the next "high."  That is how I would describe myself in self employment.

I want to be on the edge of the next thing.  I want to have (not really, but it happens) people copy me.  I want to be creative.  I want to push myself into uncomfortable situations to help myself grow my business and in turn fulfill a desire for the next "high."  

I happen to think, what does the Bible say about "the hustle?"  

Well, now that was enough inspiration for me to get on a "hustlin" today.   I don't need to list all of my efforts of late - as that would be bragging...but, know that I haven't been too lazy.  

I will be at the Urban Farm Girl Show - Main Street Market 
at the historical Midway Village Museum 
in Rockford, IL on Saturday.  

Then on to Ringle Harvest Day - it's our 20th year!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  
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