Friday, July 29, 2016

Summertime 2016

Summertime 2016

Lots of chicks - I mean lots of them - "I'm not turning into the crazy chicken lady, I'm not turning into the crazy chicken lady"  at least I keep telling myself that.  I have a cute mixed batch of breeds.  I am calling this one "fuzzy butt" - I actually have two that look like this...

Seriously, this one is so cute!  I also have two that look like Martha, even though she didn't set on them - they were her eggs.  They have her big black eyes, grey legs and puffy head.

We also bought two Tamworth pigs from a Mennonite farmer.  Tamworth are a heritage breed - grazers.  They were so tiny when Al brought them home.  One was a bit more shy and tried to bite.  Since they are the "red head" of hogs and I was thinking Irish...I named them O'Malley and O'Leary (because I was leary he would  We now have moved them out of the barn into a grassy pasture area that Al made.  He put an electric wire around the bottom and made them the nicest scratching post.  He took the handle off an old push broom and screwed it to a post he put in the ground...they love it.  They also love being outside.  Our girls raised hogs for the fair and market sale.  These two are not like any of those - these two are "talkers" - we can hear them grunting and grunting all day.  When they see us, they run full blast to the door, grunting, squeeling the whole way...they know we have treats.  They LOVE scraps.  We did give our fair hogs treats too, but not as much as these two are getting.  We don't need to worry about winning any ribbons.  Their favorite - pizza.  The mud, rolling in it, wallowing in it...I would say, these are some happy hogs.

 I saw a poster that said "happy pig, happy pork" let's hope that's the case.  People always say "how can you eat something you raised?"  We treat your animals well, give them a good life and take good care of them - that's our job.  I can guarantee their litter mates don't have it this good!   

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.    

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