Wednesday, July 6, 2016

It's a Hen's Life

...."not today lady..."
..."I triple dog dare you to take my eggs"
...."oh no she didn't..."

The above hen, Dodie (I named her after my mom), gave me that look when I tried to take away her eggs.  She has been broody, I've since let her set on some eggs...I'm a softy I guess.  

"The only thing that ever sat it's way to success - was a hen."
Sarah Brown

I like that quote, because it is so true.  If you want to be successful in whatever you do - you can't sit around - you have to work at it.    

Recently, I have been rather busy, building upon the foundation of my little businesses.  "It's all a Rave - Vintage Pop Up Sales," Town Hall Trinkets, LLC, Estately Yours, The Hobby Farm and Theme.  Work, which doesn't really feel like work, because I enjoy doing it.

Maybe not "enjoy" 4 estate sales in 1 month.  The first weekend in June was a sale and then I had an idea to do 3 Manic Monday estate sales.  Those sales were from 1 estate that we moved to a different location.  We would go over in the morning, set up tents, pull out whatever we could manage on that day, set it up, try to mark it and sell it from 1-6 pm.  That might have been a bit too much work for 1 sale - rather "manic," but, we did it, rather successfully I might add.  So, Estately Yours, did 4 sales in 1 month.  After a visit to and Xrays at the walk in, I decided that maybe I'm physically unable to do some of these things.  That "manic" has given us a better vision on what sales to say "yes" to and even "no" - which we have.  We made a group decision to take July off and work on our own "estates."  Lisa and I each have barns full of stuff.  We still meet with potential clients and have a sale on the calendar.  

Town Hall Trinkets, LLC, has 4 booths in 4 different cities.  I need to dig for, clean up, fix, inventory, mark and drive to each of these booths at least once per month.

"It's all a Rave - Vintage Pop Up Sales" my little idea 3 summers ago - has developed into some super cool events.  This week I am hosting "2nd Annual Up, Up & Away - Vintage Pop Up Sale" - held in conjunction with the balloon rally and glow in Wausau.

The Hobby Farm, is the classes I teach.  I have "Jacky's Craft Camp" planned the week of July 18-22.  I was asked to teach a private "painting" class this summer and will meet with those ladies.  I also met with 2 brides this month.  They were looking for ideas and props for their upcoming weddings.

Theme, is a periodical sale location that hosts monthly events.  This has been the venue for the last 2 pop ups.  Theme is one of my 4 booths.  We have a 3 day sale there once a month.  

I say all of this, to state, I might have a coop full of hens that sit, but I'm not doing any setting this summer.

"How do you do it 'all' Jacky?"  (numerous people)  My answer, "with the Lord's help" (smile).  All I can say is that I don't know - it doesn't seem like work to me.  If you love what you do or is it do what you love, either way, it's not work. 

Work is a young working mother, running kids to camps, day care, school, lessons, sporting events, making suppers, laundry, keeping the house picked up...whew...I did that...that is WORK.  

This, what I do easy...physically not so much any more...but, easy.  Thanks family and friends for all your support.  I couldn't be where I am without you.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  
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